Who we are

Applying fundamental knowledge to provide specialised underground cooling and ventilation solutions

Who we are

Make use of our expertise

The Air Cooling Unit is patented technology that leverages the operating principles of Heat Pump Technology to provide specialised cooling and ventilation solutions to heat stressed underground areas. Our aim is to provide ventilation and cooling solutions dedicated to improving the health and safety and productivity of the underground mining environment. The ACU has added value across the South African mining industry, forming part of the cooling and ventilation strategy in all the Major mining Houses across the spectrum of commodities.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to provide our customers with specialised effective ventilation and cooling solutions in the challenging underground mining environment

Our Mission:
We achieve this by leveraging our fundamental heat transfer and ventilation knowledge to provide cooling and ventilation solutions catered to your specific challenges.

Our Values:
The core values that drive us to achieve this mission are, integrity, respect, humility, positivity and commitment in everything we do.

What we do

One team, One dream - collaboration at its finest




-Operations Manager
-Engineering Oversight
-Qualified and experienced artisans
-Quality Control
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Engineering, design and reporting

Engineering, Design and Reporting

-Dedicated ACU Product Engineer
-Dedicated engineering design team
-State of the art Data logging and reporting
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ACU Business Unit

ACU Business Unit

-Business Unit Manager
(Pr. Eng)
-Sales Manager
-Project support office
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Quality control

Quality control

-ISO accredited
Quality Program
-Compliance office
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Maintenance and services

Maintenance and services

-Qualified Fridge Mechanics and Technicians
-More than 50 Years collective experience
-Dedicated On Site teams (24/7)
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Moments we are proud of

2004: ACU technology was patented.

2006: The 1st 100kW ACU, now known as the ACU MK1, was commissioned at DRD.

2009: The 1st trials for the ACU300 commenced at Mponeng shaft.

2013: The 1st six ACU MK2’s was commissioned at Beatrix.

2022: Our First Dedicated, on-site team was established at a Harmony Gold site in the the Freestate Goldfields

2023: As a testament of the longevity of the ACU, MK2/03 was refurbished and redeployed for the 3rd time - We were proud to deliver both the 50th and 60th (Mk2/50 and Mk2/60) Mk2 ACUs to our valued customers.