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Why keep it cool?

Advantages of an ACU

We have a patent on the ACU, as it is an innovative deep mine cooling solution; there are no other systems that does what the ACU can.

One of the significant advantages that comes into play in deep-mining operations is the fact that the ACU- unit does not have to be fed with chilled water. The ACU can cool air to temperatures lower than that of the incoming cooling water, which is not achievable with a conventional cooling car.   

The ACU’s main objective is to improve mining production – the cooler it is underground, the more productive operations can be.  

The ACU reduces pumping power, as water does not need to be pumped between fridge plants, BAC’s and Cooling Cars.

The ACU is a mobile-unit. With it’s attached rail wheels it can be transported on the tracks underground; it is also modular ensuring it can be stored securely out of the way.     

Since the ACU unit can be moved to where you need it, there is no need to build ventilation sources., reducing capital requirements.

Be have extensively qualified technicians who tend to the ACUs as required.     

We provide performance reporting to the owners of the ACU; this not only allows us to track the condition of the ACU but also provides the customer with a sense of return on investment, as you can now see how the ACU is working for you. 

How we keep it cool

Basic refrigeration cycle operation

Why Choose us

We keep it real cool

Innovative deep mine cooling
No chilled water requirements
improved environment
Reduced pumping power
Mobile and modular
Reduces capital requirements
On-site maintenance support
Performance reporting
Over 120 ACU's sold since 2007